Hello world!

I am a Chicago native- I relocated to the south to pursue my higher education. I have attended Auburn University in Alabama and now I am enrolled at Georgia State University due to being relocated with my job. I am in the Hospitality Industry, I work for a well-known hotel chain. I am currently a Hospitality Administration Major. I plan to use my degree to continue to progress in my career. I enjoy traveling, eating, and a great margarita. I am very familiar with showcasing my life experience via:

world wide web





instant messaging

social networks

web 2.0

I use these tools throughout my everyday life, rather I am posting a picture to instagram, communicating with friends and family members on facebook, or responding to an email at work.

These tools are also helpful while being a student at Georgia State, it allows me to easily research any and all ideas/ assignments in my courses. With the internet and world wide web and wikis I am able to learn about the history of the world, new technology developments, and breaking world news.



5 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Chicago, where in Chicago are you from? My best friend’s family are form Chicago he recently went for a funeral and was tired of hearing about someone being shot every 15 min. Its a little rough up there,lol.

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